Water Pump Toyota GWT-142A
Water Pump Toyota
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Water Pump GWT-142A

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Toyota , Citroen, Peugeot, Subaru 

iQ KGJ10 (08.11-09.06) 16100-09240 VITZ KSP90 (05.01-10.12) 16100-09450 PASSO KGC10/15 (04.06-10.02) 16100-0Q010/30 BELTA KSP92 (05.11-14.01) 16100-80003/7 AYGO KGC30/35 (10.02-14.01) YARIS KSP130 (10.12-14.01) 1201-J0 C1(CITROEN) (01.06-) (07.05-) 107(PEUGE) JUSTY(SUBARU)

GWT -142A GMB 


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Here are some of the common symptoms of a failing water pump:

  • Coolant leak at the front-center of your car. 
  • Water pump pulley is loose and making whining sounds. 
  • Engine is overheating
  • Steam coming from your radiator.

Mechanics will often replace water pumps before they fail. Many workshops will recommend replacing the water pump while simultaneously making other labor-intensive repairs, such as changing the timing belt or during an engine overhaul

 A water pump should last 60,000 to 90,000 miles, or 100 000km+ about the same amount of time as a timing belt.


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