Timing Belt
Timing Belt Automotive OPE111-20
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Timing Belt Automotive OPE111-20

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Timing Belt Automotive

OPE111-20 "Timing Belt Ct720 - 20OPE111R"

KADETT / MONZA / CUB 160 (FAMILY 2) 180 / 200 / RECORD 2.0L


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Timing Belt Fitment

Timing belts (also known as toothednotchcog, or synchronous belts) are a positive transfer belt and can track relative movement. These super strong belts are designed with teeth that fit into a matching toothed pulley. When correctly tensioned, they have no slippage, run at constant speed, and are often used to transfer direct motion for indexing or timing purposes. They are often used instead of chains or gears, so there is less noise and a lubrication bath is not necessary. Camshafts of automobiles, miniature timing systems, and stepper motors often utilize these belts. Timing belts need the least tension of all belts and are among the most efficient. They do however need to be replaced at specific service intervals that are usually shorter than chain drives.

Cam Belt Ope111-20

Specific sizes need to be purchased and the number of teeth on the belt need to be exact and cannot change in any way. 

If you are unsure please visit our part number catalog in the index.

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