Glow Plug Y-8003J
Glow Plug Y-8003J NGK
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Glow Plug Y-8003J

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Glow Plug FIAT 

Diesel engines Mainly FIAT


Fiat Grande

A glowplug (alternatively spelled as glow plug or glow-plug) is a heating device used to aid when cold starting diesel engines. In cold weather, diesel engines can be difficult to start because the combustion chambers work on high pressure heat and the mass of the cylinder block and cylinder head absorb the heat of compression, preventing ignition.

Most people will only change a glow plug when it becomes problematic, but glow glow plugs can also be changed at preventative service intervals. Normally if one Glow plug fails it is advisable to change the entire set as they will all start failing one after the other. 

They are usually easily visible and also easy to change. Most  vehicles will diagnose the failure and you will know the glow plugs are due to be changed. 

We stock OE equipment NGK and Bosch as this is a very important part in your engine and incorrect or poor quality parts can cause severe damage to your engine.

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