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Fuel Filter E158
Change E158 Petrol Filter
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Fuel Filter E158

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Fuel Or Petrol Filter




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Always change your Fuel or Diesel Filter on time, an important part of the service of your car. Don’t buy cheap Filters or you will pay more later. 

The petrol filter…..

Yes the one you can’t see and yes the one that will probably let you down when you are in the middle of nowhere or somewhere and wondering why the car has just stopped.

I come from a time when petrol filters were cheap and easy to replace but also very un reliable. Why plastic you might ask, well that's because most vehicles had not even heard of fuel injection and were still operating with carburetors. This was a time when petrol filters really did not last long but these days we have improved technology and the filters are lasting longer. While this is true most petrol filters are made of steel and you cannot see the dirt build up so travelling becomes a gamble. Same goes for the diesel filter, How many times have you seen the guys trying to bleed those diesel filters to get the vehicle started. Diesel is even more stringent and needs service intervals shortened to keep the filters clean. I can tell you that breaking down with a diesel when you are going out on a date because of the diesel filter is not the best thing that can happen to you as you will smell of diesel all night and that is a fact. 

It's really important to remember to change this filter at service intervals to prevent that break down or at least keep one spare in the car if you are travelling. Dirty fuel can cause it to clog very quickly or especially vehicles that have stood for a very long time. 

Change your fuel filter and keep the car moving forward. 

Before you purchase, please make sure that your current Fuel Filter has the exact same specifications as the one listed above, and is for the correct vehicle as listed above. Checkout our range of Air filters and Oil filters while you are here. 

Fitment must be carried out by an accredited fitment centre e.g. RMI accredited workshop

If No Stock ask us about stock availability. 

Nation Wide Delivery, Delivered to your door!! 


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