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Electric Ignition Module - TP1000M

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Electronic Ignition Module for Mazda 323, 626

  • For a Mitsubishi Type System
  • Reference Number: TP1000M

Distributor caps , Rotors , Points , Condenser and ignition modules are all parts of Ignition components. In the old days we had to gap the points and change the points at every service but lucky for us technology has done away with those old tricky goodies and given us electronic ignition. This also forms part of this collection so if that packs up you will have to search for it here also. 

Mazda Ignition Module

Feel free to drop us a question if you are not sure how to diagnose your fault, while we won’t be able to fix it especially as we are not at the vehicle we might be able to give you some sound diagnoses advice. 

Remember if you have an older car with points and condenser fitted change them at regular service intervals. 

If you are unsure if the part is correct, please visit our part number catalog in the index.

Delivered to your door!!

Economical replacement part


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