Brake Pads VW D962
Brake pads to fit VW D962 or FBD 392
Fitting Brake Pads
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Brake Pads VW FDB392

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Brake Pads VW 

D962 Safeline also FDB392 Ferodo 

Brake pads are a major key part of your vehicle's brake system, they are the friction stopping your disc brake. (the part that clamps down, slowing the tires' rotation) . Without brake pads you just don’t stop unless you have an anchor to throw out but I doubt even this would be effective. If your brake pads deteriorate other elements of your vehicle, such as the discs, rotors, and calipers will begin to wear away fast.

Symptoms that indicate that it's time to replace your brake pads and possibly your discs, too.” When the pads wear thin, a metal-on-metal scenario occurs as the caliper or metal casing of the brake pad rubs against the disc,. ... If you wait too long, the brakes may begin to grind and destroy the disc. This will also be safety critical as brake performance will be drastically reduced if not gone all together.



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