Zoom 20w50 engine oil
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Best 20W50 Engine Oil - Cape Town Auto Spares
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Best 20W50 Engine Oil

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Best Engine oil 20w50 ZOOM 5LT

APISL/C  “Note the SL Grade) SL is a newer improved grading and better than SF

Fluids and chemicals used in oil and gas industry for motor vehicles

Zoom is a specially formulated super grade gasoline lubricant for all types of passenger cars, vans and light duty trucks under extremely severe driving condition all through the year. This oil is blended from highly refined base oil incorporated with effective additives .It is designed to meet the most severe requirements of modern high performance engines.

The identification 20W50 refers specifically to the viscosity of motor oil. This refers to its fluidity or thickness. The "20W" indicates how quickly the engine will start when cold or in cold weather. The "50" refers to the thickness of the oil when the motor has been running for a while. 20W50 motor oil is relatively viscous and thick. Most modern oils are 10W40 or even 5W40.

Thicker oils are more suited to warmer climates while thinner oils such as 5w40 is better suited for colder climates. This does not mean that it can’t be used as some manufacturers actually specify high quality thinner oils sometimes known as synthetic type oils.