Air Filter VW AG1363
Fit Gud Air Filter to vw
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Air Filter VW AG1363

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Air Filter VW 

AG1363 Fits Volkswagen Polo Vehicles & SEAT 

An air filter is a really important aspect of your vehicle and should not be overlooked. Just like a human being an engine needs to breath and if the air filter is clogged your fuel consumption will increase as the engine struggles with intake and works overtime. Leave out the Air Filter and you will allow dirt and dust into the engine and that fine dust will act like sand paper and there is most certainly no re spray needed on top of the pistons and rings. Too much dirt and dust will cause you to need to overhaul at an earlier stage and change rings and bearings not to mention engineering and the time involved. 

Height 42mm

Length 374mm

Width 192mm

While you can use the sizes to mix and match it is recommended that you use the product specified for the correct vehicle as tolerances can sometimes be small. If dust does leak past the filter you will end up with premature wear and tear.