The most frequently asked question 

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Ok we can't really answer that BUT

1. When will my order be delivered?

2. How do I get my exchange or refund?

3. How do I get a part that is not listed on the website?

  • Contact us for a quote.

4. How many Items can I buy in one purchase?

  • As many as you like

5. Can I Collect My Parts? 

  • No, we are an online store and we do not have a collection facility all orders are delivered to your door.

6. Is it Safe for me to purchase online? 

  • Yes we have Guaranteed secure checkout with Payflex for cards and Ozow for EFT payments. 
Ozow at Cape Town Auto Spares
Payflex at Cape Town Auto Spares
7. How can I find the correct part to order?
  • Use Our Online Catalogs in the Index  "CATALOG - FIND MY PART"
  • Use the year make model supplied.
  • Contact us on the "message us" button or "Whatsapp" with all the model details. Your message will be put into sequence for reply, try not to call, as due to the extreme amount of calls your call might not be answered. 
8. I have not received my tracking number yet what should I do? 
  • Orders are fulfilled within 48 hours under normal circumstances but sometimes can take longer. If you have not received tracking within 48 hours contact us with your order number. Orders are only fulfilled Monday-Friday. We will always try to get the orders to the client as soon as possible. Please check the shipping policy for more information. 

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