What's In The Clutch Kit In South Africa

There are many different kinds of clutches in South Africa but there are a few that we can consider to be very GOOD quality parts. 

This will most likely be a LUK or Sachs followed by Valeo and others. The main reason behind this is the amount of development that goes into a clutch for it to be approved by a manufacturer is vast. Companies like LUK and Sachs are suppliers to the industry and therefore spend on the research and development thus also producing a superior quality part to exacting specification. 

Replace your clutch kit


THE CHEAPIES on the other hand have a knack for making great copies of these parts. Using cheaper materials and zero research they copy the part as close as they possibly can and sell it to the end user at a third of the price. This can cost you in the long run as other parts get damaged as a result of this poor quality. While these parts are available on the market we try as much as possible to stick to the quality part while being able to sell the cheaper part to stay in contention. We always advise the better quality as it pays off in the end for you. 


You can buy a clutch plate on its own, but this can also produce problems along the way.  You have to keep in mind that its not only the clutch plate that can wear out. The pressure plate and in many cases the thrust bearing can be the main cause of a clutch slipping. If the diaphragm of the pressure plate is worn out it will be unable to do its job correctly and your new clutch will be worn out pre maturely.

The clutch kit is a far better choice when making the change as it is just so much work to remove and replace the gearbox when performing this repair. The kit is usually supplied with everything you need that being:


Clutch plate, Pressure Plate, Thrust Bearing and in some cases the spigot shaft guide. Not all kits include a Thrust Bearing nor the guide but it is dependent on the type of car and the need to service these parts. Don't forget to check the spigot shaft bush for wear as they are cheap and easy to change while the gearbox is removed. 

Clutch parts

If you have any questions relating to repairs or parts feel free to leave them in the comments and we will get back to you with a relevant reply. 

Watch the video for more information. 


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