What You Need To Work On Your Car


Working on a car can be pretty daunting if you have never tried it before, and the thought is really, should you?

Many young boys grew up helping their Dad in the garage or workshop and may have some knowledge of repairing certain things on motor vehicles, but we have to keep in mind that these were generally smaller items to repair and did not involve the latest technology. You cannot repair everything yourself but there are many items than can be serviced at home. Unlike a doctor it is possible to learn some basic skills and attend to those menial tasks on your car. 

Becoming a qualified mechanic involves a lot more and the big thing for a mechanic is he generally has all the tools as well as the space to work. Working in a small garage can be pretty tedious at best and for those of you that decide to do a rebuild it becomes near impossible at times. 


What do you need to work on a car?

Lets put this into some perspective, 

Firstly what type of job are you attempting, as while a minor oil change is achievable , rebuilding a classics car is on a whole other level. A rebuild of an engine requires something completely different to changing an oil filter, so today I am going to keep it simple and only discuss what we actually need to fulfill smaller more achievable repairs on your vehicle, such as 

Oil Changes

Brake pad replacement

Minor service etc

Let's say items that you can fix at home. 

 The most important requirement that you will have is a covered space, and make sure that you can leave the vehicle in that space if something goes wrong. There is always that moment when something else breaks while you are working, or the part does not fit, and even more so you cannot finish the job because you simply over extended yourself. So 


Pick a space not only where you can actually work but also where you can store the car. 

What's next?

TOOLS, yep good old tools. It is always handy if you have a work bench and a vice, it is just easier to work on especially if you have parts removed. You will need most basic tools on hand.

A Workshop jack

Jack stands ( A must for safety)

Spanners ( Size 8mm - 30mm)

Socket set half inch preferably usually 7mm - 32mm

Plug spanners or sockets 16mm or 21mm



Perhaps a lead light if you are in a dark area.

If you can it is always easier if you have the odd special tool such as an oil filter strap to help remove the filter, there are many that you can get along the way.

If you are attempting electrical work then a multimeter will come in handy.

So not a lot needed but also think about the clothes you are going to wear as they will be most certainly soiled and if you are not wearing gloves put some cream on your hands before you start working it helps when cleaning at a later stage. 

Not all jobs should be attempted at home due to certain types of work requiring serious special tools but even most clutch kits will be supplied with a clutch alignment tool included so easily done at home. 


Hopefully this helps a little and hey if you can think of anything leave a comment in the comments below. 

Till next time.........

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