The New Mini In South Africa 2021

Will there be a new mini in South Africa 2021? 

Well............. We discussed this recently and decided that there would not be a facelift this year and that still remains correct. That said there will be a Facelift for 2022 in SA.

New mini

While that's all great I have often said the Mini just always looks the same anyway and I doubt that is going to change much. Looks like there will be small changes to the front and rear bumper as well as the grille. The tail piece will also get a little lift and the wheel arches get some change. The interior gets a slight upgrade and a new steering wheel but really at the end of the day that is about as good as it gets. The mini will still look like the same car and as always will be a Mini. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Probably not a bad thing as it has become Iconic and I suppose that is the idea at the end of the day. 

Mini Interior

Not much excitement from my side but hey perhaps you feel more for the car, let me know in the comments and give us your opinion of this car. For me it is just another car, nothing exciting and nothing great. In fact I was once warned against the car and that kind of stuck with me forever, just goes to show don't listen to everyone as the car cannot be that bad as it has so many on the road. 

Watch the video and let me know what you think.............


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