The good old Sunday Drive , 

Where has it gone? This is a tradition rooted into the South African culture and in the old days people and families would just take the time to hit the open road. With so many places to go in Cape Town this is a tradition that should come back. Bikers still enjoy a Sunday drive why shouldn't you take your collect a car out. 

Go driving, not to run some errands but rather to enjoy a day out and the pleasure of driving a good machine attacking the roads. 

It would seem todays world has taken away these pleasures with high fuel prices, lock downs and social media to mention but a few.  Clogged and damaged roads as well as safety have had an effect in towns like Johannesburg and Pretoria, but the roads in Cape Town are pretty well maintained, making most trips enjoyable. 

Lets keep a dying tradition alive!! Let us know what your favorite vehicle would be for a Sunday drive and do you keep something in the garage that would be great for this.

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