Should You Change Your Air Filter On A Regular Basis In South Africa

Air Filters are an extremely important service part and should always be changed on a regular basis.


Many car owners or even mechanics will actually overlook the air cleaner during the service or simply try to blow it out, but keep in mind that when using compressed air to blow it out you could actually cause unseen damage to the filter paper thus leaving your engine exposed. Any dust particles or dirt that gets into the working parts of your engine will start to act like sand paper causing major excessive wear and tear leading to early repairs. 

Leaving the filter out completely will in most cases cause severe damage in a very short period of time. Try to remember that dust cuts like a diamond and your tolerance within the engine is very small so the slightest scratches cause severe damage over time. 

We will always recommend using the original design part, but if you are looking to modify the air cleaner system or use a part that is similar in size and nature you must make sure that you are buying the best quality part available, and if using a similar size part be sure that the tolerances are met exactly, as you do not want that that awful dirt getting past the filter.

Most people will make these changes to get a better sound out of the car or a small performance boost. If you are getting a small performance boost always keep in mind that it is likely that the filter is not as efficient as it should be, as it is allowing larger volumes of air and dust through. Be very wary of this. It is actually better to try and gain your performance on the exhaust side and allow the gasses to escape quicker than allowing huge amounts of dirt through the air filter into the engine. 

Ask yourself, is it really worth all the damage and costs to gain 1 or 2 kw and at that can you really prove that kind of performance boost. You will not achieve a 20kw performance boost from the intake but you might be able to do this on the other parts of the engine specification. 

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