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We get a lot of enquiries about parts availability for parts that are simply not available in the aftermarket. It brings into question how we go about our search for parts in South Africa.

Illusive car

All too often a part is only available ex dealer due to the age of the vehicle, or the type of part or simply because the vehicle part is too reliable. It should be noted that the aftermarket looks for items to sell that would or should be pretty popular.

Spare parts

This assists the market to source at a cheaper price in many cases from the original supplier, the only difference being the name on the box. There are of course many exceptions where companies copy the original and create a good copy much much cheaper but once again they will only make items that are popular and will sell many. 


You may be looking for that illusive part ......... You Know...... the one you have called everyone for but alas no luck. YEP, its not available in the aftermarket but in the hope of possibly saving a few bucks we keep trying, I mean who knows? Someone might actually have one.  


They simply won't have one and especially at a cheaper price, so where do you look when this happens? The only place you are going to find unavailable parts is at the dealer is an obvious answer but also NO..... sometimes even they cannot help. YEP you guessed it......., That good old scrap yard. Very often you will find a scrap yard that will have just what you need to get you back on the road. We at Cape Town Auto Spares are ourselves thinking of starting up a second hand used parts line as so many requests come in for illusive stock.

Scrap Yard

Every town has scrap yards and you should be able to find one in your town, but what can you actually buy from them. 


Certainly not service parts as they must always be new, and hey would you use a second hand suspension part? Probably not, so these are items that are basically a No No when purchasing second hand goods. Clutch kits and Brake pads need to be new no matter what, but hey you are in luck, the aftermarket knows this and is always staying up to date with these types of parts for all the models where possible. Big thing is how do you stay away from not being able to find simple service parts for your trusted transport? Hmmmmm, this all starts when you make the purchase of your vehicle. It looks cheap so you buy a vehicle that has been imported into the country and you have the only one, well when you go look for parts you are not going to find them. We always suggest that you go out and look for a car that not only suits your needs but is also popular in the area you live in. Being unique is not always best and can sometimes be a real pain. The more popular the vehicle the more chance you have of finding spares not only in the present but for a longer period of time. 


Remember buy yourself a car you like love and look after but make sure it is popular enough in your area to find the parts you need to keep it running unless you have the money to afford expensive original parts that sometimes need to be imported. 

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