How Much Oil Does a BMW N52 Engine take In South Africa

Hey how much oil does the n52 BMW engine take and hey where's the dipstick? If you haven't watched this channel before it's RobGillT at cape town Auto Spares let's get to it let's go check out the video.

So there you are an N52 BMW engine and you're looking for the

You know it's something that amazes me about the BMW, That is whoever thought this up had a great idea, but when you come to change your oil or top up your oil or anything to that effect how much oil do you put in the engine and how much do you need to add, it's always been a question because you know what, there's no dipstick in the engine and it's all on the dashboard, now you can go back to one of my previous videos and i'll give you all the information on how to check the oil on the dashboard and how to replace the oil and that sort of thing, but here's the thing guys, I mean I looked all over the internet, and I was searching high and low you know for how much oil do you put in an N52 engine because I wanted to change the oil. You know what it's difficult to find out it's really difficult to find out how much oil you need to put in this engine. I eventually came across a guy who was showing how to change the oil and all the rest of it, and whatnot and lo and behold he let the cat out the bag and it was there and then I knew how much oil to put in. The thing is for the normal guy in the street to be able to check his oil on the dashboard and that sort of thing it's absolutely fantastic, but for the mechanic who likes to fill the oil with a dipstick that's a totally different ballgame. How much oil was in an engine never used to bother me I mean if I was topping oil up into an engine I would have an idea and I would sort of top up and see where we are add a bit more. Whatever the case until the dipstick's at the right place and and you know start the car and fill up the filter check it again see how much oils on the dipstick until it's at the right place, then send the car on its way perfect, no problem um..... or if you stop at a petrol station the guy says hello sir can I check your oil because that happens in South Africa by the way, no because it's a BMW , don't even try you won't be able to check it, there's no way you're going to be able to check the oil , because you know the guy at the petrol station would pull the dipstick and say.... oh you need a pint of oil put it back and it'd give you a pint of oil.... I mean wow now, you in a situation where you can't do that right? You've got to know exactly how much oil the engine needs how much oil engine takes etc etc,.... so it brings me to the point so how much oil do you need to put in an N52 engine now here's the thing you know when you're draining the oil on this car just finding the some plug alone is quite tricky it's all the way at the back on the side and on the left-hand side, if I remember correctly. You've got to take it out drain the oil....... all of it. The other thing that's a pet hate for me is is the way the engine leans to the side when the tapered cover leaks oil and it always does by the way it leaks the oil onto the exhaust manifold brilliant......... So that's just smoke everywhere when it starts dripping, because I mean the smallest drip of oil and smoke everywhere. So it's like a nightmare......
Why they did that as well is beyond me as every other engine you see is flat, but this one's slightly slightly to the side. Look that said it's an absolutely brilliant engine it's like the old valiant engine, it lasts forever reliable as hell but lifter noises are obviously a problem on all the BMW Vehicles, so that comes and goes but you get used to it. Use the right oil, clean it up change the oil quite frequently and you'll be okay, but to change the oil you've actually got to know how much oil to put in right so to get to the point how much oil do you need to put in this engine..........................
the answer is simple you need 6.5 liters of oil ....okay so all you've got to do is drain the oil out completely, and this is if you're changing the filter as well so make sure it's drained out of the filter holder as well. Drain the oil completely put the new filter in close it all up and put 6.5 liters in and you'll be okay then go and check the oil on the dashboard. Like I said there's a little video in my in my channel which you can look for which will show you how to change the oil, and ill show you how to check the oil on the dashboard if not I'll make another video just on how to check the oil on the dashboard if you like, let me know in the comments if you'd like me to do that. So there you go guys that's the answer put 6.5 liters in and you'll be okay on the N52 engine on the BMW.
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  • One can never be sure how far an engine can go some fail early and others last for a long period. The BMW seems to have a lot of common faults that you can find online such as lifter tick or hard gear selection problems, look up the common faults online and see if this is the car for you. I personally do not prefer to purchase a vehicle with more than 200k on the clock and would rather look below the 150k mileage for a decent vehicle.

  • Good day

    I’m interested in buying a 2011 325i coupe. My concern is the mileage on the car is 213000 kilos on it. How long can the engine go further more.



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