Have You Checked Your Brake System?

Always important to check your brakes!!

Something we always forget. 

Imagine driving along and suddenly you have no brakes,

WELL, this is something that could happen to just about anyone, but how does this happen.

Braking Power

It all starts with you, and your cars service history. It is important to ensure that the brake pads or shoes are checked at every service interval to prevent extra costs such as disk replacements or drum damage that could cause serious injury. If you are driving along and touch the brakes only to hear a grinding noise , then the brakes are probably hitting metal on metal and you will have just about no braking ability.

Filling Brake Fluid

While it is advisable to check the brake fluid at every service keep in mind that if the brake fluid is low it could also be a result of brake wear. As the brake pads or shoes wear down the fluid drops and if you top it up without checking you will cause a flood of brake fluid next time you push the caliper piston back to replace the brake pads. 

Trying to stop a car

Brake pads are easy to replace but if you are unsure rather take it to a qualified workshop. Brake shoes are usually more difficult but if you do decide to do it yourself make sure you use the correct tools as Long nose pliers and screwdrivers removing springs can cause serious injury at the best of times. 

struggling to brake

One might ask when should you actually replace your brake pads? Well at a point where there is very little pad left, such as about 5mm I would change them just to be on the safe side. Don't wait until you hear grinding sounds or the car is just not stopping, it's just too late. Brake discs can shatter and this is not the best place to be. Rather go into our shops index and look for you brake pads now. 

You don't have to remove the brake pads to check the material left on the pad, simply remove the wheel and make sure there is at least about 5mm left on the pad. 

Brake Disc worn

In short we always concern ourselves with performance and forget about how we are going to stop, but if you watch the fastest racing car you will notice its stopping power is often its strength when it comes to taking the lead. Being able to stop is more important than acceleration as it will not only produce track performance but it will also save your life. 

Watch the video and see more on this subject!!

Comment below and let us know what you do for your braking system. 

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