Has F1 RACING Become Boring and Who Are The Formula 1 Drivers for 2021?

The 2020 Formula 1 season has ended and I can tell you it was not what everyone was hoping for...............

An exciting season is what everyone was hoping for and really


It was just boring. 


What can we expect from 2021?

After seeing the only exciting race of the season last week due to them putting George Russel in the Mercedes I have to say that's a serious change that needs to be made. It was the only race I really enjoyed in the season as finally a driver who was really hungry was in a decent car. Next year it is really important that they put George Russel in the other Mercedes next to Lewis Hamilton and lets see what Lewis is really made of. Further to this we can expect more excitement with Sainz going to Ferrari and Ricciardo going to Mclaren those partnerships with Leclre and Norris should be fun. Vettel moving to racing point will be a big win for all of us if it has the same performance as this year it being the Aston Martin next year.

Now imagine a move where they change drivers at Red Bull and put Perez in the car next to Max ........

All I can say is wow, throw boring out the window at last. 

The big question we have to ask is will all this happen? If the don't shift around at Mercedes I think it will scuttle everything and we will go back to the same old stuff so they hold the key to making it interesting for everyone again. 

Hey, let me know what you think in the comments and lets enjoy a new season where hopefully the spectators will be able to return as well. One other thing that really needs to be discussed is getting South Africa Back on the calendar. Well that's a chat for another day.

Watch the video and enjoy!!



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