Finding Auto Parts At The Cheapest Quality Places

We always ask.......

Where can I find the cheapest Auto Spares?..........

Well, Make sure you add the word quality into that sentence or you might be paying more than you expected. The cheaper you buy the bigger the possibility of some type of nasty failure, so I always ask where can I find quality parts at a reasonable price?

Special offers at Cape Town Auto Spares

If you cannot find the part in our aftermarket store "HERE" then you may need to go to the manufacturer as it might not be available in the aftermarket.  That Said we have found that if the car happens to be between 10 & 15 Years old the manufacturer no longer supplies the part. While that might be an issue for the driver of the car the manufacturer cannot keep everything forever. 

SO..................Do you scrap the car? The word Scrap says it all, YES that's it go find the part in a scrap yard or used spares outlet. In Fact you can often find what you are looking for simply by scrolling through a few ads, someone is always selling it somewhere. That's unless of course you have a one of a kind type of vehicle like a Bugatti Veyron. Sorry we don't keep any parts for that. 

H4 Globes

In the aftermarket we keep what is necessary as just like the manufacturer there is simply no point to filling the shelves with parts that will hardly ever sell. Stock that lies on a shelve is expensive and this is why you just cannot find the parts sometimes. In fact if you buy a car that is renowned for breaking you are probably better off as at least you will find parts for it.  There are many vehicle types on the market that are extremely popular in the aftermarket parts game as there are so many around and the parts will fly off the shelf. It is always advisable to buy a car that fits into this category in the country you are buying in. You will know what brands I am talking about of this I am sure. 

Opel in Cape Town

Watch the video and see what we have to say, and don't forget to comment below and let us know your idea's for finding elusive parts. 



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