Engine Ticking Noise How to Fix a BMW Lifter Tick In South Africa

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Hey lifter noise on a BMW n52,.... WOW how to fix it and, you know what it's not as difficult as you think, really so hey if you haven't watched this channel before it's RobGillT and Cape Town spares let's get to it guys let's check this out.

So I was trying to figure out how to fix the lifter noise on on the BMW and there's a whole bunch of people out there saying, put additives in, put this oil in change the filters, do that do that do that and you know you change the oil it works for a couple of thousand guys and tick tick tick tick it is back. You know you think oh gosh what the hell. So I did a lot of research and I found out that BMW actually recommends this little trick that you do, which actually works quite well because when the oil breaks down slightly, the lifter noise comes back the lifters need to bleed, and I believe it's not a big problem for this engine, it just carries on and on and on and on.
BUT... it's really embarrassing to park in someone's driveway and your car sounds like an old wreck. Quite annoying so I decided to go and give it a try. I went down to the car gave it a shot and this is the result, so there it is guys we're going to see if this trick works, seemingly you've got to rev it to 3000 and keep it there. You can hear the noise it's pretty bad so I'm going to hold it there for two minutes and let's see how it goes. I think I'm going to let it warm up a little bit first before I do that because it can't be good for it to do it while it's still cold so there it is,

wake the neighbors up there I'll close the door so we can't hear that noise all the time and seriously I've got to keep this thing revving above 3000 for exactly two minutes so we're going to see if this works. I don't know I mean I've heard people saying oh look at the smoke coming off the engine and I've heard people saying that you put like these additives in and all that kind of thing but from my experience that never actually works. That's always quite a problem and I believe this trick works. I believe this is a BMW fix and this is how you fix it you, uh you keep it revving for two minutes above three thousand. We're actually going to see now if this actually does the trick or not um, should be interesting to see actually because uh you know I don't know I've driven quite far and then the lifter noise goes away and it goes away for a couple of days but I believe if you now do this for two minutes it will actually go away and stay away for quite a while. I'm dying to see how this goes, I'm a little bit over 3000 revs and I think it's gonna be very very interesting because I'll be quite amazed if this lifter noise is gone when I get out of this car and take this camera to the engine. So what I'm gonna do guys I'm actually not gonna switch this video off I'm actually going to keep this running and we're actually going to go to the engine now in the next 20 seconds and we're going to go and see if this thing has stopped ticking, and that should be really interesting because if it has then what a fix, because seemingly it bleeds the lifter. It bleeds the lifter dude I'm gonna give it another 15 seconds just a little bit extra I think you're supposed to go for three minutes and I've gone for two minutes so maybe I should just go a little bit further but I think it it may be working it doesn't sound that bad from inside here and I don't know let's let's just give it a little bit longer you know, I always like to give things a little bit more just in case because I know that let's say three minutes and I've done two minutes. I mean two minutes does seem to be quite quite reasonable here I think the lifter noise is gone I actually do I think it's actually gone and this is actually a procedure from BMW would you believe this this is actually a procedure from BMW and the guys are using it as the fix that like that's actually quite irritating but I'm going to do that all right guys 15 seconds I'm actually going to get out the car we're gonna walk to the engine there's a bit of oil smoking [ __ ] coming off it but I'm gonna walk to the engine and we're gonna go and see if this lifter noise is gone.
Okay let's go and see,... nope it hasn't gone it's still there, so that hasn't worked it hasn't worked at all.....

All right so yeah as you can see it didn't work the first time so then I went back into the car and gave her a hell of a lot of revs a few higher revs and I nailed it a few times and blipped it, and what do you know it came right it actually kept right I mean go check this out it's dead quiet there's the lifter and the noise is gone lifter noise is gone.

So with that I think it does work it actually does work, maybe this one needed a little bit more but I mean I did do it for 3000 for a couple of minutes and it didn't do it, but then after going back and giving it a few good old blips and maybe taking it to four or five thousand then it bled and it worked, also I found that if you take it for a really long drive it helps, now it's just a question of seeing how long does it stay quiet for does it stay quiet for a long period of time because I know this car stands a lot so a bit of an issue. When it's running it actually does normally stay quiet for a couple of weeks but it does come back and comes back every time so you can expect that I suppose. Changing the filter and the oil on a regular basis does help but when the oil breaks down you're always going to get this noise. So I just thought I'd bring that to you guys don't forget to like comment and subscribe and go and visit the shop in the in the description below thanks for watching until next time it's RobGillT

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