Choosing Piston Rings The Easy Way In South Africa

If your engine is smoking or pouring oil out of the exhaust you might just need to replace the Piston Rings and perform an engine overhaul. 

Choosing your piston rings can be a daunting task, especially if you are not sure what to buy.


It's not that difficult.

If you have decided that the wear in your cylinder is not that bad then you can keep everything standard, but don't take it for granted that your bore size is standard just because it is the first time you are opening the engine. Engines can be oversized from the factory and you wouldn't even know about it not to mention if you purchased the vehicle second hand. Always measure and check the size just to be sure. If you do need to make it oversize try to keep it as close to Standard as possible as these sizes are easily available and it also allows you some room for future failures. 


When you purchase a Box of rings there will usually be a full set for your particular type of engine. Most petrol 4 stroke engines will have 2 compression rings and one oil ring. Check the thickness of your existing rings to ensure they match the specified pack as this will help you to determine if you are ordering for the correct engine. Do yourself a huge favour and buy quality when it comes to engine parts and in particular rings and bearings as it is a big job to overhaul an engine and its just not worth doing it on a regular basis. Cheap rings will not only damage the bore buy will also break and wear much quicker. 

Loss of compression and oil getting past the piston are major symptoms of a need to replace the Piston Rings. Keep in mind if you have serious wear and need to rebore you may need to replace the pistons to ensure a good fit in the bore. 

Size is the most important when working in these areas so keep that top of mind and ensure all your measuring is accurate. While you are there you will be replacing Gaskets, Bearings and all the pumps to save yourself future issues so make sure you get it all at the same time. 

Watch the video for more info and leave your questions in the comments. 

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