Change Your Filters And Reset BMW

It came time to change the oil and filters on the BMW , since it was overdue I got to it.

The fun part was doing this without a lift, as the car is so low and it's just a pain getting it high enough to find the sump plug so that took me a while. Probably the longest part of the service.


We got it done not difficult but I totally forgot to go through the process fully on video. That said this is not a how to channel so at least you can enjoy and follow the general process. I do show exactly how to change the air filter and how to reset the service light. The next project on this car is to fix the ABS and change the shock absorbers, while we are there I suppose we might as well get onto the brake system. 

I do try to change the oil at least every 10 000km but I always somehow get side tracked and this time I think we must have covered about 13k but luckily it has the OLD N52 engine and that's as good as a tank. Really need to get a lift for this car as that will certainly make it a lot easier so that's on the bucket list somewhere.


So when you change the oil filter on these don't forget to always change the o rings, they are really important not only for sealing but the small one keeps the pressure up. The big thing is these cars don't have a dipstick, so checking the oil is on the dashboard. It took me a lot of searching when I did this the first time on this engine but I did finally find out how much oil this engine takes at fill. 

Ill make it so much easier for you.......... It takes 6,5l 

Most cars on the market take about 4,5l but you dont even think about it as you are constantly checking the fill on the dipstick. With this car you can't, so just fill 6,5 and you will be fine. once you check on the dash you will see that it is on the mark. Just make sure you drain all the old oil out and don't forget to put the sump plug back. 

Drop your comments if you have any information to share or tips and tricks I am sure everyone will appreciate. 

Keep your eyes peeled for the next saga.


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