Change Your Engine Oil Filter and Oil On a Regular Basis

The most important part of the service of your car is changing your engine oil filter. IN FACT..........

You can just about forget everything else and just do that and you will be safe in the knowledge that the car will make those extra miles. Yes I know...... the other things are important like plugs and cooling system etc BUT just imagine what can go wrong if the engine oil sludges up and the engine siezes. 

Most vehicles are not serviced due to a lack of funds and it is usually rated very low on the agenda when it comes into the family budget yet we choose the most expensive cars. This is why many motor companies came out with service plans to ensure the vehicles actually sayed on the road. An oil change is the most important and you will find in most service schedules a major service interval will be evident but also an Oil service interval additional. The oil service would obviously be much cheaper than the full service thus inticing the client to come in and get the car serviced or at the very least have the oil change done. 


So why change the filter and not only the oil you may ask. 

The filter is there for one reason and one reason only, To collect all the dirt. The problem with collecting all the dirt as just like a normal dustbin it will eventually fill up and need to be emptied. You cannot empty or clean an oil filter as it is usually a paper filter and if you could remove the paper to clean it you would probably add some unwanted holes. Holes are never good as particles of dirt and metal will get through those holes and find their way into the moving parts of your engine and eventually work like sandpaper. 


How often should you change your oil?

If you drive a diesal as often as you possibly can, 7000km to 10 000 km is my best recommendation even though some manufacturers allow a longer service period. On petrol I prefer 10 000km to 15 000km even though some manufacturers recommend 20 000km. The cleaner your oil the better it can work to keep your engine running smooth and clean and keep her running longer. 

So remember OIl OIL OIL 

It is important and the life blood of your car so look after your car give it a drink and keep it running longer. A good service history makes an easy car to sell!!

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