Cape Town Auto Spares Is Opening

It has been a while but we are back and we will once again be selling only the best quality motor spares and tools to our valued clients. 

We used to be MRM Auto Spares and after 14 Years decided to sell the company as the offer was far to good to resist. This unfortunately turned out to be a poor decision as the new owner ran the business into the ground and it eventually disappeared completely. While it must have been terrible for the new owner it was not great to watch all those years just go away. 

I have always had 2 passions, Property and motor cars, so I have decided to re invent my Auto Parts business but this time we will be online. 

WHY, you may ask?


I couldn't find parts for my own cars online and I found that to be rather disappointing at a time when the world is shut down. It is time to move forward with the times. 

Using my principles of top quality products at a fair price I am confident we will be able to supply you with an amazing service.

Lets start this journey together!! 

Keep your eyes open for all the opening specials. 

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