Buying Ridiculous Cheap Parts In South Africa


We always tend to buy the cheapest parts available on the market,


do we do this?

It is a natural human tendency to look for a special but are you comparing  the same goods. As the old saying goes are you comparing apples with apples. There is a popular pastime and that is the ability to buy cheap stuff and do the job over and over again and wonder why it just keeps breaking. I have actually seen people and mechanics blaming car design rather than the rubbish they stuck into the car.  If you are going to buy parts for your car ensure you get the best quality, that is unless you like removing your gearbox every month or perhaps changing globes every week. 


Costs MONEY!!

If you buy an inferior clutch and many people do as there are large savings to be had on these types of parts are you actually saving money? Lets say you don't do the labor yourself and you have a mechanic do it for you. Lets say that mechanic costs R400 per hour and that is cheap by the way.  Ok so he charges 5 hours to change your gearbox as it is not that difficult. 

If an original clutch kit cost R3000 the total job would cost R5000, but lets say you find a cheap kit for R1500 so now the whole job costs R3500

WOW..... Or not  Lets see, The cheap kit packs up in 6 months and the original fails early at 3 years, in this time you would have changed the cheap kit 5 times at R3500 per shot so a total of R17500 


Always look for name brand items or parts that are known for quality. This is why we will only sell quality in our store so that you and your car can benefit. 

So I will end off by saying, cheap parts destroy our beloved cars so stay aware and don't save in the wrong place.

Watch the video and leave your comments below. 

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