Black Friday Specials

Black Friday Specials are Now on

If you decided to read this blog post you just hit a luck as we are offering an Extra 10% off everything in the store until 28 November 2020.

Use this Promo code at checkout and enjoy your discount- 9JYD18BFRIDAY

No matter if it is on special already or not you still get the extra 10% off this week.

Work shop for Black Friday

Tools clutch kits and Shock absorbers are just waiting for your visit, in fact we will even give you your discount on a special order item. 

Black Friday is a strange fun time where everyone is giving discounts as it is that time of the year when stock gets cleared out and the new comes in. We decided to join the black Friday rush this year and arrange an extra discount for you our valued client.

We have attached a video below on how to navigate the store so all I can say is Happy shopping and enjoy the silly season while it lasts. 

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