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Many a person finds themselves searching and searching for a specific part on their trusted motor vehicle, but why should it be so difficult? 


One of the big things is to understand sourcing parts. You see the aftermarket as holding all the parts you could possibly need as it is a huge place, but it is just not true. The aftermarket holds stock that sells and nothing more. Dead stock or parts for un popular vehicles can only be found at the dealership.

In other words………..

Original equipment.

Car Parts

This is usually expensive and causes any normal person to start searching around for a cheaper option, Let's be honest, this is clearly why the aftermarket came about in the first place. 


You need to be honest with yourself as well. You bought a rare vehicle most likely and you have asked 10 parts shops for the parts and can’t find what you need. 


It is only available at your dealer for an extortionate price or it’s just not available at all because the car is too old.

SO, What do you do?

Automotive parts

There are always options that will resolve any dilemma because the aftermarket always reacts to demand. One of the big parts I always get asked for is a complete engine, 

NO, I don’t know why as this is a repairable item but these days most mechanics and car owners just want complete parts. 


Since the dawn of time there have been engine recondition shops that will exchange an engine for you at a fraction of the cost of a new engine, but for some odd reason people have forgotten that this exists, or perhaps they just don’t trust the reconditioned engine that they are getting due to all the poor service suppliers that existed in the past. Thing is if you don’t trust these guys you will have to either buy a new engine from a dealer or find a good second hand one privately or from a scrapyard. Don’t forget to make sure the numbers are legal!!

That Brings me to Scrapyards…..

So many clients tell they have looked everywhere but when I ask which scrap yard the frequented, they have never been in a scrapyard. I most certainly don’t want to promote my competition but hey if we don’t have it they might be your last choice, and hey what's wrong with a second hand body part? 

We try not to keep body parts as they are just too big and cumbersome but if you need them we will get them for you. Simply order on our site or contact us for details. 

Most of the parts in our shop or on our site you have to buy new, and there is no other way, such as filters, gaskets, belts, pumps or even headlights and bulbs. Obviously in the aftermarket we sell these to you at a better price but we pride ourselves on selling only quality and the same parts that the manufacturer would use.

Vehicle parts

That means while it's not FREE, it will cost less. 

Our philosophy is simply a quality part at a good price, if you buy the really cheap parts it will become more expensive in the long run, in fact you were probably better off keeping the old part in the vehicle. 


Don’t buy a part just because it is cheap, buy a good part at a reasonable price that you can afford. You need that vehicle to run on a daily basis or perhaps it just needs to be in pristine condition for show, either way it is never profitable skimp on the automobile at hand. 

Cheap brakes will forget to stop, Cheap belts will break in the desert, cheap bulbs will pop in the dark and that's just how it is. 

If you can’t find those illusive parts ask us and we will try to help you or even steer you in the right direction if we don’t work with a specific type of part. 

Don’t forget to shop while you are in the store and hey if it is your first purchase here is a discount code for you to use on your first purchase.


See it was worth reading the blog, hey on top of which you will get a R50 voucher from your first purchase if you use Payflex to checkout. 

That’s the news for today, keep your eyes peeled for the next release. 

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