2021 F1 Race Season Driver News & Track Schedule

The New season is upon as practice is scheduled to start in Bahrain this week, followed by the first race the very next week.

Vettel has been getting used to his new car, the Aston Martin while Russel has been discussing the possibility of staying at Williams if Mercedes don't snap him up.

Talking about the Williams race team it looks like the new owners have already spruced the car up with a few body changes that look an awful lot like the Mercedes body. 

WELL, why not?

It of course will be interesting to see if the Williams can catch up and how their season will progress. With Williams looking ahead it looks like although HAAS team have managed to secure Mick Schumacher as a driver they are not going to be doing much with the car this year and this effectively gives Mick a free ride this year to get used to F1 racing. Not that any good driver wants that in the end. Don't expect to see much from HAAS but the Ferrari power plant is expected to improve and we hope to see Carlos making his mark at the team.

Mercedes is staying with the usual and we can only hope that the other teams can catch up , but other than that we have to wait for major changes next year. 

Let us know who you support or what team in the comments below. 


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